Shlomi Goldenberg Saxophonist & Composer 4 Shimon Haburski St. Old Jaffa Israel 68037
 tel. (972-3) 6827346 mobile:


Jazz Eclectico


The Launching of the New Disc: Jazz Eclectico
Wed. August 6th 2008 - 9: PM at the Jazz Alley Club in Old Jaffa tel. 03-6812126
Sat. August 9th 2008  - 9: PM at the Tararam Complex in Hod-Hasharon tel. 09-746506

New Compositions of Shlomi Goldenberg performed by:
The Little Big Band

Shlomi Goldenberg Composer, Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
Doron Rephaeli Drums , Rami Shuler Vibraphone & Percussion
Rostik Lerman Flute & Keyboard , Hod Moshonov- Keyboard
Ran Levi Electric Bass