The Soul of Jazz

The Journey from Africa to New Orleans, Chicago, New York and the rest of the World

The Soul of Jazz

"Something Old Something New"

Salami Jones (Shlomi Goldenberg), Will Take You on a Jazzy Journey Through Time

From Africa to New Orleans, New York and The Rest of The World with The Little Big Band

and the  amazing voices of Shevakia & Elesheva.

"From the depths of the soul a great yell disturbs the light and the darkness.
The voice fades away, and the smell evaporates.
Three girls are sent to gather wood, walking on a path between two worlds - one is clear and the other surrounded by walls.

They try to walk steadily while evoking the primal spirit that appears in times of fear and need-


  1. Intro

  2. Mombosafela

  3. Lament

  4. Yeah Man

  5. Master Trouble

  6. When the Saints

  7. Round Midnight

  8. Fill me up with Love

  9. Something new Something old

  10. Let's Bring Peace

  11. It's Fantastic